We have put countless hours into the community


Giving back to the community

With a small donation, you would be giving back to the community of Bryan/College Station. As an organization, we have grown rapidly since our founding in 2015. We have worked closely with non-profits and other A&M organizations to push for growth and development in the area. Our soul purpose is to give back. All donations will be going to the betterment of non-profits and organizations in the surrounding areas.


2015 - 2019


From our founding to now, we have selected a great group of men. We started with 16, and now we are hovering around 90 men. With being selected to be a part of AGI, you will come in contact with people from different backgrounds. All of our men share one goal, selfless service. We push each other to be better each and every day. We are men of quality, not quantity. We look for the leaders of A&M.

We are AGI.